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A Beka Testing
Interpreting Test Results

The primary reason for using standardized tests is to gather information that can be used to improve instruction. Use this guide to help you analyze, interpret, and act upon your test results.

General Guidelines:

Achievement and ability tests’ chief function is to help quantify what you are already observing on a daily basis with each student.
Keep in mind that nationally normed, standardized assessments are just one tool available to educators. Other things to consider when making          decisions include classroom assessments, class work, homework, conferences, and student aspirations.
Test results can be used (in conjunction with other information) to:

1. Compare the educational development or ability of students to a national sample
2. Identify individual students’ strengths and weaknesses
3. Target additional individual instruction for students who are struggling with particular topics
4. Build more challenging instructional activities for those who are excelling

Educators should NOT use test scores in isolation to:

Decide whether to retain a student at a certain grade level.

When Analyzing Test Results:

Watch for the unusual.
Interrelate information from different sub-tests.
Interrelate information from past years.
Don’t overemphasize small differences.
Don’t expect to discover something new and different about every student.
Don’t use test data in isolation from other kinds of evidence.

Enrichment Tutoring Program
Our Goal

It is the goal of Connecticut Christian Academy to enrich the learning environment by offering academic tutoring from 2-6. The schools art program will also be offered during these time periods.

Our Mission

The mission of our Enrichment Tutoring Program is:

To make each child’s experience one that will foster positive self-esteem and a positive attitude towards learning.
To provide each child with a developmentally appropriate environment that will meet the individual needs and learning styles of each child.
To encourage each child to think, reason, question, and experiment.
To foster communication and cooperation between parents and teachers in order to provide a meaningful environment in which children can flourish.

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